Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Life with Rose and Womble*

The neighborhood florist up by the park carries this message on their sign - "If your name is . . . Blank . . . you have won a free rose." I have been watching the sign for ages - and last Thursday it came up Nancy! I couldn't believe it. I was tempted to drive by to savor having my name come up; for over a year I had been watching other names - Donna, John, Carl, Ann, Susan - linger on the sign for their week. But I am impatient, so - in I went, laughing, and claimed my free rose. And bought a daisy and 2 pink lilies to go with it. So the question is: Is there such a thing as a free rose?

Now Dover is waiting his turn. He even has a therapy dog photo ID to prove he is who I would say he is, but there are probably too few Dovers in our town to rate a chance for a free rose at the local florist.

* Wombles are cheery little creatures who live under Wimbledon Common. They come up during nighttime to do their bit to tidy up the world.