Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Dogs and the Sea

Dover and I and three friends (one human, two almost human) went to the shore this past weekend. In two days we experienced both wavy and calm seas, and the dogs said: "It is good."

For a glimpse into how to achieve pure exuberance and joy in life, check out "Sea Dogs" on YouTube:

This is only the start!

The problem with the name "Sea Dogs" is that there seems to be a hockey team by that name, so googling Sea Dogs comes up with piles of hockey videos. I haven't ventured down the sidebar in YouTube to see what others are there; I only hope they are all of the family-oriented sort!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A friend brought kites to the shore this summer - he got them out on a gray day when it almost rained, catching up the kids who flew them and the adults who watched. My granddaughter Mollie fell in love with this one - which she named Sunflower - and she stood on the beach with it for over an hour. Meanwhile, down the beach, another contingent got involved with with one that soared and swooped and required two hands and two leads to control it. Flying Sunflower was meditative - it just floated in the sky, always responding to the breeze, but ever so gently.
A well-earned rest.