Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great typos on the iPad and the happiness quotient of the world

Typing on the iPad is an adventure because it has an over-zealous spell checker whch makes creative substitutions when you aren't looking. Tom borrowed a friend's iPad to drop me a note from a village they recently visited, and reported that they had "killed" the village a lot. It took me only a few moments to figure out that one.

The other night, upon my return from a long, tiring and dispiriting diocesan meeting, I staggered into the house and decided to check my email before gathering up Dover, climbing the stairs, brushing my teeth, and falling into bed. It turns out I should have gone directly to bed, but I was lured by the prospect of a note from a friend or relation. Alas, I found only formal emails that demanded formal answers.  To the most pressing query I replied that I had been to a "diode exam event" and sent the message off into the clouds with nary a second's worth of proofreading."

Diode exam event? A bigger mystery than wondering what on earth a diode exam even might be is that the recipient of the email didn't ask me what I was talking about. What was she thinking about what I was thinking about? Maybe diode exam events are an every day happening in other people's lives.

Meanwhile, yesterday the local college held its twice annual "pet a dog and relieve your stress" event. Dover worked overtime for the cause of increasing the happiness quotient of the world.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dover's friends

Dover has lots of friends. Tennis balls seem to be one uniting factor, but sometimes it is just closeness or a good swim Dover likes to share. His first friend was Jonah, whom he adored, but that friendship was a bit one way.

There is the neighborhood schnauzer, and even thought their sizes reversed with time, they still travel in the same circles.

There are Easter guests and school pals,
and the neighborhood Corgi, who likes a good game of "Ha-ha I have your tennis ball and you don't."

Finally, there is the elite TBFC (Tennis Ball Fanatics Club); they play many games - which could go on all day, every day, 24/7. These are expert dogs that Dover can learn from!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Train to Minnesota

I took the train to Minnesota over spring break. One of our excursions was to visit the Minnesota Museum of Science, a place to spend quality time with kids and science. One of the museum's trademarks is a set of stairs that dings musical notes when walked upon. The video part is lousy quality, but the audio is fine.

When we came home, the kids made a model of King Tut's tomb out of a little figure of King Tut (he's in the box inside a box inside a tomb) and assorted goods found on any active dining room table such as fool's gold, boxes, assorted stones, erasers, etc..