Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great typos on the iPad and the happiness quotient of the world

Typing on the iPad is an adventure because it has an over-zealous spell checker whch makes creative substitutions when you aren't looking. Tom borrowed a friend's iPad to drop me a note from a village they recently visited, and reported that they had "killed" the village a lot. It took me only a few moments to figure out that one.

The other night, upon my return from a long, tiring and dispiriting diocesan meeting, I staggered into the house and decided to check my email before gathering up Dover, climbing the stairs, brushing my teeth, and falling into bed. It turns out I should have gone directly to bed, but I was lured by the prospect of a note from a friend or relation. Alas, I found only formal emails that demanded formal answers.  To the most pressing query I replied that I had been to a "diode exam event" and sent the message off into the clouds with nary a second's worth of proofreading."

Diode exam event? A bigger mystery than wondering what on earth a diode exam even might be is that the recipient of the email didn't ask me what I was talking about. What was she thinking about what I was thinking about? Maybe diode exam events are an every day happening in other people's lives.

Meanwhile, yesterday the local college held its twice annual "pet a dog and relieve your stress" event. Dover worked overtime for the cause of increasing the happiness quotient of the world.

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  1. i had to laugh when i saw this. i have an ipad too and have sent out some pretty whacky messages also. i wonder if we can disable that overzealous spell checking feature. Thanks for your wonderful blog.