Friday, December 11, 2009

On-line Advent Mornings

I love my Advent mornings. I have found five on-line Advent calendars this year:

First - I check the Hubble space telescope Advent calendar for a reminder that there is awe and great beauty to be had in things I really don't know anything about.

Second: The Church of England calendar - going green with the Church of England. In general, nifty little meditations at the end.

Then to the Bach BBC calendar - an oldie, but really nifty.

Onward to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington for their day-by-day creche figures. Last year I was in Washington during Advent and got a chance to see their creche display.

Finally, Tate the Cat, back after a year's absence. I love the slow unfolding of the story and and the understated pop-ups when the button is hit.

From the sublime to the practical to the amusing to the cultural to the subtle, with my dozing doggie sharing the couch and while it is still dark outside, chilly inside, and and my coffee is hot (well, by the end, it is coldish but still palatable).

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