Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dog Retreat (click on images to make them larger)

Dover and his friends Cisco and Dottie 
attended a 24-hour retreat at the sea shore. 

It wasn't exactly silent, but they say it was a 
perfect time for restoring their couch-weary souls.

While there, they got lots of exercise, 

meditated in the chapel, 

saw interesting sights,

and contemplated the eternal truths that 
the sea sings for those who pause to listen. 

The Mother Abbess read uplifting stories
 to them while they ate their nutritious meals, 

and on the morning of their departure, the kitchen staff 
(overseen by the Abbess, of course) prepared a 
special breakfast treat of poached egg on kibble.

 On the bus ride home, they all three slept the sleep of the well exercised.

All told, a perfectly satisfying time by the sea.

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