Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daisies, mud, and days of note

Early February is a big week for marking several commings and one going in Dover's circle of friends.

Two birthdays on the 5th, including my daughter-in-law, who is responsible for the beautiful daisies along a small patch of shoreline; she and daisies occupy the same section of my mind and affection. Spring will tell if the daisies survived the salt and erosion that came along with Irene. Anther birthday on the 6th. The week almost ends with a birthday on the 11th - the lap on which Dover slept as he made the journey from his birthplace in New Hampshire to our home to the southwest.

Dover comes home!
But getting down to dogs: Mungo, the dog who ate things and who was the scourge of little children with their low lying food, died unexpectedly and precipitously February 9th, 2008, at age 5, of hemangiosarcoma of the spleen

Dover was serendipitously born the day after, February 10th; he celebrated his 4th birthday by having a glorious roll in our backyard mud, and Dottie, his partner in mud, known as the Mud Queen, was adopted on February 12. Since she was born on Christmas Day, her adoption day is a particuary significant milestone. 

February 5 - the 12th -  a week to notice!
Dottie does mud.

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