Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday morning provided the first moments of spring perfection this year. After days of cold, raw, yet sunny weather that didn't invite one into the garden or to leave the yard without a sweatshirt, Monday dawned bright, and crisp, with daffodils at their peak and tulips just making their appearance. Dover and I walked out for our three-mile stroll around the fresh and renewed neighborhood byways just as the sun was coming up.

In addition to the usual spring pale yellows and pinks, the blues and the new greens, the dandelions in particular caught my eye that morning, each one more gorgeous than the previous; fearful that I would miss the most beautiful examples and displays of dandelions opening business for the day, I took dandelion picture after picture. Why these gorgeous, unassuming spring flowers are so resolutely dug out of yards totally escapes me.

By mid-afternoon, the temperature had climbed to 90, and this morning is chilly and breezy, but Dover and I will step out again to see what new sights (for me) and scents (for him) we will find. There is no holding back spring!

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