Monday, May 28, 2012

May Parades

Dover made it to 3 parades in May; he was in one and watched two. He stepped off with the Episcopal contingent for our home town Pride Parade on Mother' Day weekend, enjoying company, color, many pats. friendly comments, and a very enthusiastic stroll through town.

On this, the last weekend in May, we joined friends to watch two Memorial Day parades. Dover has a friend in a high place, namely, the clarinet section of the high school band. Actually, she is more than a friend; to Dover, she is a goddess. He also thought the horses, Kung Fu School, and the potato truck were all pretty nifty. He sat calmly as the fire trucks and police cars passed by at full tilt; at his first parade at age 1, I worried that he might be deaf, but since he can hear the slightest twist of the peanut butter jar top from rooms away, I don't think I have to worry about his hearing.

On Monday, we watched a quieter, shorter parade in another neighboring town which featured the same high school band. Dover was intent on the band, but, alas, the clarinets ended up on the other side of the street. For this parade, if you arrive 5 minutes late, you've missed it. That is what happened last year; this year I made sure we were early.

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