Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food - favored and not

Here are the students favorite and most vile foods according to taste, texture, or appearance.

First papers: Favorite foods grouped to make a meal:

Things to drink:    Soy milk, coconut milk, green tea, coffee, coca cola.
Appetizers/spreads:    Butter, hummus, peanut butter, olives.
Fruit and veggies:     Blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates.
                avocado (2), sweet potatoes (2), eggplant, pumpkin.
Meat/main meals:    Bacon (2), stovetop chicken, cheese (2), shrimp.
Sweets/desserts:    Honey, ice cream.

Second papers: Dreaded, disgusting  foods, by category :

Vegetables:       Brussel sprouts, beets (3), carrots
Sallad stuff:      Avocados
Pizza toppings:      Mushrooms (3), olives, anchovies
Fruits:      Bananas (2), durian
Condiments:     Horse radish
Main courses:      Brie cheese, American cheese, liver, meat, beef, shrimp
Desserts:     White chocolate
Truly miscellaneous:     Rotten food.

And here is Noah, the boy who favors peanut butter, grape (or apricot) jelly, bologna, lettuce and mayonnaise all-in-one sandwiches, on bread or English, toasted or non, contemplating one of the first foods he was skeptical about.

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